A book by Katy Danjou

» Short text Collection

Illustrations by Thomas Piraud
82 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9534055-0-7

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"Plenitude is above all, an hymn of life, of hope. It is this tortuous path which allowed me to Be. A temple of secret passions revealed in the light of this mysterious street light. Plenitude is this strength which lives in my soul, more powerful than every torments. Fullness is a gaze on this world which so often forgets the virtues of the essence of life. No, nothing at all, I have no regrets…"

A few words from the author

A Black Narcissus plunges with delight
in the hollow of his deep melancholy
delivering her ultimate mysteries…

Her Essentials swirl,
passions unleash revealing
the guardians of the secret temple…

In Transitions, she abandones
this native Land enjoying the mysterious
encounters of her exile…

In the light of Lamppost,
she crosses the lonely misery of World…

To the hollow of her Fantasies,
the vampire seizes her tortured soul,
libertine delivers its secret essence…

Under The Mysterious Bridge,
the death bell sounds, the storm burst,
liberating a strength hitherto shameful...
The borders between the two worlds are
shrinking, the breach is opened...

"Plenitude is this mysterious bridge between the two borders of my secret world, from the shadow to the light, a final bow to this life that burns within us, an inside peace where the worry evaporates despite the torments that assail me...

Plenitude is this passion that tear me without destroying me...

Many of you have wondered what had become the White Iris. Plenitude is my sweet answer to your questions, a tribute to all of you…

Plenitude doesn't claim to be a collection of poetry, they are texts, a sweet melody along the mysterious shores of my secret sanctuary, a final reverence to this intimacy I shared with all of you along "The Way of a White Iris"...

On Plenitude slowly closes the door of my intimacy, another half-opens of this World, of this Out There who is in me since my childhood... Step by step, Plenitude reveals the essence of my writer soul, my secret inspirations, my muses..."

Published in April 2009

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