Claquement d'Aile

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A book by Katy Danjou with Nina Cox, Alice Pereira-Gomes, Bloody Countess & Philippe De Cuntreval

» Short stories Collection

Illustrations by Thomas Piraud
Preface by Dorianne Wotton
120 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9534055-2-1

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Claquement d'Aile / Slam Wing is an illustrated book of short stories told through anonymous figures bathed in an often tormented atmosphere. The set presents extreme feelings, strong emotions, through the life stories of ordinary people. Ordinary ? Maybe ... Slam Wing is this unlikely encounter guided by the mysterious Raven cawing...


Meeting in a "Slam Wing", being taken away in this fabulous  trip to the encounter of  our hidden Mes, to the encounter of the Other, to  the encounter of our hidden desires, our fantasies…

One encounter can open the door of the abyss or hope, or to both…

All those moments that we never expect, that we dare not even imagine under penalty of deep anxiety, which in a few seconds destroy our dreams, our soul and our being alive instead of a new force ...

Time of a slam wing, we fall over in another dimension…

Slam wing is this unlikely encounter guided by the cawing of this mysterious raven. We are taken away by the magic of the moment where all our believes collapse in a millisecond. All swings. The breaker ravages our interiors of this sweet wave ...

At the crossroads, Katy met the sweet Alice, fairy light in an austere world, this majestic being of darkness, Philippe. Then she was captivated by this smile full of this rising sun, Nina. While sailing on the virtual canvas, she was charmed by the melancholy of Bloody Countess. They traveled together, sharing this common thread of this magic moment. From these exchanges is born "Slam Wing" where the styles, shapes merge, each according to their own secret inspiration…

Inspired by the book

At the occasion of the launch and the presentation of "Claquement d'Aile", we was pleased to show some videos and music developed around the Universe of the book. Several artists have collaborated to highlight and explore the main themes with their own styles. You can discover them here:

A few words from the authors

We wander in the STRANGENESS of this trip
to the heart of our emotional revealing our fears,
our hopes, our deepest doubts...

We sink into the CHAOS of this world
which is finally showing its true face in that infamous grin.
A gaze to this cruel world which assails us constantly
wanting to imprison us in its claws...

The mystery door opens.
We rise at the mercy of SURGES
 of this raven which delivers his message…

In the breath of wind, a WHISPER more powerful than everything.
Whispers from this child around which they are linked to,
aware this "Slam Wing" would be this ultimate one…

Published on the 18th june 2013

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