Whispers - Jacques, Being of Light

Whispers - Jacques, Being of Light


Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new novel by Katy Danjou, on the 26th March 2015

The first part "Jacques, Being of Light" of the trilogy "Whispersis available in english and in french.


Pre-order today on the website. Delivery on March 26th.
Also available as Ebook on the website and download platforms.


Whispers - Jacques, Being of Light...
A silent presence hold my hand. I feel this sweet pressure in my palm. I am petrified, marveled, submerged by this sweet heat which freezes little by little my inside. I let me leading towards this little boy with ash blond hair, only a name: Jacques...
Encounter mystery of this Being who has the will to emerge from this shadows, from his silence and gradually opens this forgotten memory, his own, the one of a little girl sitting on the out door...
And together, hand to hand we will walk, under the incredulous gaze of this World, united by this thread stem from this Out there...
The whispers come to me: "Don't fear... Open your soul, liberate your heart, untie your bowels... All is inside you since the beginning, go, keep confidence..."



The Trilogy of Whispers is delivering in three encounters: the Child, Jacques, Being of Light, the Man, The Waltz of the Eagle and the Woman, half human half creature, Allegoria. Three testimonies which gradually dive us deeper into this Out there, this Invisible which no one wants to talk about but which is still here, very present... Three Whispers on the edge of the World: the Child who opens the doors of the genesis of our Being, the Innocence that reminds us the child we were, the Man who liberates these pains when the veil of illusion burst in thousand pieces, the Creature who reveals to us the prism of our deepest identity that allows our potential to become real...


Murmures - Jacques, Etre de Lumière


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